Saturday, 2 June 2012

Aesop Grooming Kits at Mr Porter

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A little while ago I reviewed the new Aesop store in Soho and their new range of unisex beauty care products for FASHIONBEANS. Recently MR PORTER have got in on the act, and are now stocking some of the brand’s grooming kits for men. There are six to choose from, and the beauty of a pre-packaged kit is the fact that you get complimenting products and a full grooming regimen. 

Each kit provides a different set of products with specialised key ingredients to meet your needs. The ‘Accelerating Universe’ kit provides relief from the build-up of oil and dirt, with cleansers and exfoliators harnessing the power of mandarin and quartz crystal. The ‘Centre of Gravity’ kit provides products that balance moisture levels and combat dryness, aided by parsley seed and blue camomile. There are also the ‘New York’ and ‘Geneva’ travel kits, which contain luxurious travel essentials to jet off with to either of these major cities. The ‘New York’ kit focuses on freshening up and battling the effects of city living, whilst ‘Geneva’ provides a touch of luxury.

The brand have also designed a special grooming kit that is exclusive to Mr Porter, appropriately entitled ‘The Dapper Gentleman’. A larger kit, including a face cleanser, hydrating cream, shaving serum, spray-on moisturiser and lip cream – everything the modern gentleman needs to look his best. The price point is slightly higher than the other kits, but the product range makes up for it.

These kits also make great gifts, and a much more stylish choice than those most of us used to receive for Christmas growing up. So say no to Lynx, and yes to Aesop. You deserve it.

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