Friday, 4 May 2012

Autumn / Winter Trend Forecast: Gothic Luxe

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As it's never too early to look to next season in this industry, here is a look at what I believe will be a big trend next Autumn / Winter. 'Gothic Luxe' as I'm calling heard it here first guys. The look is predictably dark with black-on-black outfitting, but with a luxury edge which comes from the fabric choices and cut. Leather, lace, chiffon and fur all feature heavily, as well as georgiette and jewelled embellishment and graphic crucifix references. Statement jewellery worn with sheer silks and layered lace creates rich textures, and high impact shoes and studding make the trend current. For some inspiration take a look at a moodboard I made to accompany this post.

The look was big on the Autumn / Winter catwalks, with Gucci. Lanvin and Versace all showing gothic collections, all with their own signature style and luxe finish.

Frida Giannini at Gucci provided a grown-up take on the trend, with a long and flowing silhouette and elegant lace and embroidery detailing. Velvets and chiffon reference a more historical era, with hard leather accessories making the look more current. The georgiette embellishment on feminine blouses and dresses provides a more subtle gothic vibe but the largely-black collection still sets the trend regardless.

The collection from Lanvin also made use of lace embroidery to accompany form-fitting black leather pieces creating a smart contrast between hard and soft. The embellishment here was more elaborate than at Gucci and jewels in intricate patterns feel regal and reference the Church of England in previous centuries. The use of luxe leathers creates a more sexy silhouette and feeling to the collection, and the choice of colours such as the blood red creates a glamorous richness.

Versace's take on the trend is definitely more literal, and elaborate embellished crucifixes adorn dress-coats, corsets and dresses. Bodycon leathers and velvets combine to form the sexiest of the collections, and stockings add to the gothic feel. An altogether blingier and obvious collection from Donnatella Versace cements Goth Luxe as a sure-fire trend come next Autumn / Winter, but remember to avoid dated Marilyn Manson-esque costume pieces to prevent looking like a wrong 'un.



  1. great post and mood board!
    Emma x

  2. Wonderful post Jordan! I love this look - black leather is always good in my book x

  3. I hope this becomes a worlwide trend. I´ve always loved dark, misterious looks..adn all the mebroideries and sofisticated patterns of the gothic era...awww <3

  4. very chic , & sensual ,
    goth i belive has always been in but with a few more expensive designer names
    taking over it , it will now get more admiration than ever before .



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