Sunday, 6 May 2012

Men's Shoe Library Launches at

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This week saw the launch of the men's Shoe Library at MY-WARDROBE, giving us guys the same level of choice and service that is usually reserved for women. Men like shoes too you know! The library is broken down into categories making it extremely easy to find what you are looking for, or find suggestions if you're not sure what you are after. To browse through the site's impressive roster of shoes then simple select 'Shoe Search' and be faced with page after page of sneakers, brogues, boots and slip-ons...the choice is endless.

However if this array of choice leaves you overwhelmed then the 'Style Guide' provides suggestions based on what you may be currently wearing, or what you would need the shoes to wear with. Shorts, casual jeans, sweats or chinos, there is a selection of shoes to pair each with, making it easy for customers to make the right choices. If you are still a little confused or need some extra help, then the 'FAQ and Glossary' page answers many questions that men have posed, from technical considerations to styling choices. The glossary page also provides an A-Z of shoes and jargon, so if you ever needed to know what an 'Austerity Brogue' is - look no further.

The 'Shoe Anatomy' page also goes into detail about the construction of shoes, and explains the components and their purpose. Great for those wanting a little more understanding of the technical side of things. If you don't know your welting from your tongue, then give this a look.

As I said before, the library of shoes is impressive and I have picked my 5 favourites from the roster.

B Store Black Cutout Leather Eton 5 Shoes, £215. Available HERE.

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Stone Nubuck Yellow Eva Sole Lace-up Shoes, £205. Available HERE.

D&G Cheetah Print Cavalino Slip On Lounge Shoes, £440. Available HERE.

Acne Black Leather Fibbia Sandals, £250. Available HERE.

Tricker's White Leather Navy Bourton Brogue Shoes, £340. Available HERE.

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  1. the b store ones have my vote



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