Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Fetish in Fashion' by SHOWstudio

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Last week the guys over at SHOWstudio launched the first in a series of films about fetish in fashion. Provocatively named 'Fuck Me' and featuring Karlie Kloss, who recently and famously posed nude for Vogue Italia, the film explores the ever-present theme of fetishism in fashion. The film also highlights the contradictory imagery provided by the fashion industry on a daily basis - whether girls are meant to be feminine and demure, or leather-clad sex symbols. Kloss even switches from blonde, virginal young girl holding a bunch of flowers, to bondage queen complete with black wig and leather whip. The concept of fetishism in fashion is not a new one, however is the industry providing confusing mixed signals about what it means to be a strong, feminine woman, or are the personas protrayed by Karlie a sign that there can be two sides to the same coin?

The theme of fetish really came to the forefront of fashion last season thanks to Marc Jacobs' daring collection at Louis Vuitton. Girls dressed as night porters with latex caps and stockings walked the runways, handcuffed to their own bags or with hands tied behind their backs. Kate Moss even closed the show whilst smoking a cigarette. There was large editorial prescence last season of fetish-inspired clothing, and actual bondage apparel and paraphenelia. Fetish brands such as Atsuko Kudo and House of Harlot were regularly featured alongside the big designers in magazines from LOVE to Wonderland. The fetish theme has taken a back step this season as Spring / Summer '12 is all about feminity, however it will not be gone for long. Sex sells after all.



  1. some really fierce pics.. loving the collars at LV...!! Nice blog


  2. Thanks for the comment, yeah they are pretty fierce!

  3. Hey i found your blog via a comment of yours in an IFB blog about spammers and how we should stop the follow me and i'll follow you back trend. i couldn't agree more with your opinion and i was intrigued to find out what you blog about.
    to be honest i was pleasantly suprised i never believed that your blog would be so nicely structured and with such an interesting collection of subjects/ posts to write about.
    i rarely find interesting blogs especially written by the minority of the blogging community: men.
    ok back to your post. don't really know what to say about this bondage trend, i was always a fan of everything sexy, seductive, aluring and it was this love and my love for editorials that made me make a blog. but i find something disturbing about this editorials/pics.
    too much skin, too much provocative, i don't think that they represent a powerful woman nor that we all have two different sides, the good girl and the bad one. yes we all have two sides, i do too however we don't need to provoce to be sexy. i always liked the subtly sexy and seductive kind of fashion and lifestyle, you can lure anyone you want and make them want you and find you sexy and badass without going bondage or provocative. don't know if this makes any sense.
    but nevetheless an interesting post to discuss about.
    as i've already said i blog about editorials so feel free to check them out and maybe you'll get inspired. i am not asking for you to follow me, i leave it up to you.

  4. well firstly thankyou, and yes i agree with what you're saying. the fashion industry always works with extremes anyway and there is always room for a middle ground!

  5. Really enjoy your blog. Not only is the layout design slick but you've so well-selected your imagery and added some thought provoking content and good writing. No whips and chains but I must say I'm a sucker for the female 'power' look, I love sharp, structured, exaggerated female tailoring in dark, dramatic shades. And after dressing-up head-to-toe in leather as catwoman every halloween, I think I must confess to a slight leather fetish...

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jess, and thanks for following!

  6. Hot pictures! Hot video! Hot Karlie! Hot hot hot!! yes, sex sells!!!



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