Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chess London Launch Event

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Last night I attended the launch event for new menswear brand Chess London. The event was at the private member's club Home House which was rather swanky, and I was glad I'd dressed up a bit! Speaking to the head designer and marketing director gave me a feel for the brand's vision and their target market. According to the guys, the Chess London man is hardworking, ambitious and loves attention to detail and quality when choosing his clothes. The name Chess itself came from the idea of heritage, timelessness and patience which the brand place great emphasis on. Their aim is to create garments with lower prices without compromising on quality - and this extends from fabrications, to execution and craft.

The collection itself is made up of tees, shirts, jumpers, cardigans, trousers, tailored shorts, blazers and a rather nice brown leather jacket. The vibe here is classic British smart casual, with a modern twist. Fabrics used include soft cashmeres, tweeds and cottons and the overall feel is that of great quality. Ali the head designer informed me that they intend to make some pieces, especially the blazers, in small volumes to create more of a bespoke feel to their collections and to provide the customer with a less mass-produced garment. Some will even be one-offs. The guys at Chess expect their clothing to be bought as investment pieces and don't intend to follow trends, instead releasing lines regularly and not following the traditional fashion seasons. This will be especially evident for some of their blazers, which are my personal favourite pieces from the collection. The tweed number pictured below is particularly nice.

All in all, the guys at Chess have a firm grasp on their aesthetic and their target ,market and they have found a niche that I'm sure will allow them to become very successful. Take a look at their website and online store HERE.



I wore my velvet blazer from Jack Wills (not really a loyal customer of theirs but loved this jacket!), sheer-stripe tee from Topman Design, jeans from AquabyAqua, desert boots from All Saints, vintage silk scarf from Beyond Retro and necklace made by me.


  1. Shame we didn't bump into each other at Chess - next time maybe! And now I know what you look like so I'll keep my eye out!

  2. Love the blazer your wearing!!! I'm overdue for a velvet blazer, it's top priority on shopping list. Thanks for sharing it. That scarf is also great. You have a great sense of style.
    -That Haute Dude

  3. love the tweed jacket as well and don't you look amazing?? kind of bohemian with the scarf and necklace, not sure if this is your personal style but i like it. its different. it has an eerie Cavalli vibe on it. don't know why i think so.



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