Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Style Icon: Robert Downey Jr.

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With all of the Avengers hype right now, the ever-stylish Robert Downey Jr. has come back onto my radar and I thought he was the perfect choice for my Style Icons series. There are no shortage of well-dressed dapper men these days, but it is the personal touches that Robbie brings to his outfits that makes him stand out from the crowd in my eyes. From his clear love for the man-bag, to his trademark red lensed glasses, Downey Jr.'s mix of classic and eccentric dressing make him a great addition to my roster of Style Icons. He was also quite the icon in the 80's, see below for pyjama-dressing whilst out with Sarah Jessica Parker. Bravo.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Guest Blogging For Rokit Vintage At The 55 Pages Launch - An Interview With Pandemonia

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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the 55 Pages Issue 2 launch event at Rokit Vintage’s Covent Garden store and to interview the VIP guest, Pandemonia, as their guest blogger. An evening with the guys from 55 Factory and Rokit ensued, flavoured with Rekorderlig cider. As for the interview, Pandemonia was a little fashionably late in true celebrity style, and I was given some one-on-one time with the style icon.

ME:   What is it like being a pop art girl in a man’s world?
PAN: Well, you get lavished with attention by both sexes.

ME:   And do you enjoy this attention?
PAN: Yes, I thrive on it!

ME:   How would you describe your personal style?
PAN: Larger than life.

ME:   How important are looks in today’s society, and is this a bad thing or a good thing?
PAN: I think today’s society is very concerned with looks. I have just been away and I have found that people in the UK are much more obsessed with looks than other countries. As for whether it is a bad thing or not, that is too big an issue for me to get into now!

ME:   You parody today’s celebrity culture, but how much do you approve of the cult of the celebrity?
PAN: I neither approve or disapprove of celebrities, but they are a large part of our lives.

ME:   We all know you attend a lot of fashion weeks, but who are your favourite designers and why?
PAN: I don’t really follow mainstream designers and fashion in general, only things that capture my attention and appeal to me. However I do enjoy watching the shows at fashion week.

ME:   Who designs your costumes?
PAN: I would say they are not costumes, they are art pieces. But they are designed by me.

ME:   Any plans for designer collaborations?
PAN: I have no plans as of yet, but that is always a possibility!

ME:   We’re here at Rokit Vintage, what are your favourite vintage styles or looks?
PAN: I really like the general Americana look, and anything inspired by Westerns. I am drawn to things that are bright and have large logos!

ME:   We’re also here to celebrate the launch of 55 pages, which fashion magazines do you follow?
PAN: Other than 55 Pages, I don’t tend to follow mainstream fashion publications.

ME:   What’s next for Pandemonia?
PAN: I have been creating new artwork and plan to show this work in an exhibition, some 2-d impressionist work. I am also working on some sculpting which is taking a lot of my time!

As my camera decided to run out of battery before I had chance to take any pictures, here is one of the back of my head, mid-interview. And also one of the icon herself, Pandemonia.

Image Source: ROKIT.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Opening Ceremony Autumn / Winter '12 Lookbook

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As most of you may now know, Opening Ceremony is coming to London in July with a pop-up shop opening in Covent Garden to mark the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games. A permanent store will also open in the area once the pop-up closes. I for one am pretty excited. To get you in the mood for OC, here is a look at their Autumn / Winter women's lookbook. Vintage styling and some 60s influences are complimented by sports-luxe separates - the thigh-split maxi skirt is pretty sexy. Also on the topic of sports-luxe, the brand are collaborating with Topshop to create a range of sportswear-inspired pieces to mark the opening of the games, which will be available in the pop-up store from July. Watch this space for more info.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Men's Shoe Library Launches at My-Wardrobe.com

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This week saw the launch of the men's Shoe Library at MY-WARDROBE, giving us guys the same level of choice and service that is usually reserved for women. Men like shoes too you know! The library is broken down into categories making it extremely easy to find what you are looking for, or find suggestions if you're not sure what you are after. To browse through the site's impressive roster of shoes then simple select 'Shoe Search' and be faced with page after page of sneakers, brogues, boots and slip-ons...the choice is endless.

However if this array of choice leaves you overwhelmed then the 'Style Guide' provides suggestions based on what you may be currently wearing, or what you would need the shoes to wear with. Shorts, casual jeans, sweats or chinos, there is a selection of shoes to pair each with, making it easy for customers to make the right choices. If you are still a little confused or need some extra help, then the 'FAQ and Glossary' page answers many questions that men have posed, from technical considerations to styling choices. The glossary page also provides an A-Z of shoes and jargon, so if you ever needed to know what an 'Austerity Brogue' is - look no further.

The 'Shoe Anatomy' page also goes into detail about the construction of shoes, and explains the components and their purpose. Great for those wanting a little more understanding of the technical side of things. If you don't know your welting from your tongue, then give this a look.

As I said before, the library of shoes is impressive and I have picked my 5 favourites from the roster.

B Store Black Cutout Leather Eton 5 Shoes, £215. Available HERE.

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Stone Nubuck Yellow Eva Sole Lace-up Shoes, £205. Available HERE.

D&G Cheetah Print Cavalino Slip On Lounge Shoes, £440. Available HERE.

Acne Black Leather Fibbia Sandals, £250. Available HERE.

Tricker's White Leather Navy Bourton Brogue Shoes, £340. Available HERE.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Autumn / Winter Trend Forecast: Gothic Luxe

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As it's never too early to look to next season in this industry, here is a look at what I believe will be a big trend next Autumn / Winter. 'Gothic Luxe' as I'm calling it...you heard it here first guys. The look is predictably dark with black-on-black outfitting, but with a luxury edge which comes from the fabric choices and cut. Leather, lace, chiffon and fur all feature heavily, as well as georgiette and jewelled embellishment and graphic crucifix references. Statement jewellery worn with sheer silks and layered lace creates rich textures, and high impact shoes and studding make the trend current. For some inspiration take a look at a moodboard I made to accompany this post.

The look was big on the Autumn / Winter catwalks, with Gucci. Lanvin and Versace all showing gothic collections, all with their own signature style and luxe finish.

Frida Giannini at Gucci provided a grown-up take on the trend, with a long and flowing silhouette and elegant lace and embroidery detailing. Velvets and chiffon reference a more historical era, with hard leather accessories making the look more current. The georgiette embellishment on feminine blouses and dresses provides a more subtle gothic vibe but the largely-black collection still sets the trend regardless.

The collection from Lanvin also made use of lace embroidery to accompany form-fitting black leather pieces creating a smart contrast between hard and soft. The embellishment here was more elaborate than at Gucci and jewels in intricate patterns feel regal and reference the Church of England in previous centuries. The use of luxe leathers creates a more sexy silhouette and feeling to the collection, and the choice of colours such as the blood red creates a glamorous richness.

Versace's take on the trend is definitely more literal, and elaborate embellished crucifixes adorn dress-coats, corsets and dresses. Bodycon leathers and velvets combine to form the sexiest of the collections, and stockings add to the gothic feel. An altogether blingier and obvious collection from Donnatella Versace cements Goth Luxe as a sure-fire trend come next Autumn / Winter, but remember to avoid dated Marilyn Manson-esque costume pieces to prevent looking like a wrong 'un.



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