Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New York in Pictures

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 So I will admit it, I've been a bit absent on here recently. But I assure you I do have a good excuse - I have been in New York City with my family. Here is a little snapshot of what I got up to! I well and truly fell in love with the city (original I know) and am adamant I will live here at some point. Call me?

times square new york

freedom tower new york

wall street new york

empty subway station

chanel window 5th avenue

dancing man in new york

view of empire state building new york

man blowing bubbles central park

fine jewellery met museum

Pieces in the modern art wing of the Met museum.

costume design met museum

hyper real painting metropolitan museum

A hyper-real painting, believe it or not.

modern art sculpture metropolitan museum

a vintage photograph

basketball players in brooklyn

Ballers ballin' in Brooklyn.

new york road signs

stylish couple in soho

Stylish couple in SoHo.

street art in soho

coney island boardwalk

Coney Island boardwalk.

naked man coney island

No words needed here.

deserted funfair coney island

architecture in chelsea

art gallery piano player chelsea

Art gallery owner playing her own piano in Chelsea.

moschino window

girl on the chelsea highline

Quite enjoyed this girl's outfit on the Highline.

street art in chelsea

graffiti art in chelsea

chocolate brooklyn bridge dessert

A chocolate Brooklyn Bridge.

river cafe brooklyn heights

River Cafe in Brooklyn Heights. Best restaurant ever.

shoe window display barneys new york


  1. just one word envy
    envy for not te be there yet

  2. Wow! Cool photos!!! Looks like you had a great time! My gosh that photo of the old guy on the beach is just too funny for words!!! LOL!!!!!!!!



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